Cracked Eggs: We Wander Unknowing (Film)


Image of Cracked Eggs: We Wander Unknowing (Film)

Film by David Wilkinson, commissioned for Cracked Eggs by Lauren Velvick and the CJH Collection.

Wilkinson has drawn on his longstanding interest in psychogeography to produce a film which has enabled him to ethically approach the writings and recordings of Christopher J Holme. Through the structure of this work Wilkinson is able to vocalise segments Holmeā€™s writing within the context of a journey through the Preston that he experienced, layering creative output and experimentation with the mundane and everyday, emphasising how these modes of experience are woven together.

We Wander Unknowing by David Wilkinson: limited edition of 80; 200x130mm; 300g Evolution Black & White laser printing by MARC the printers


Image of Cracked Eggs: We Wander Unknowing (Film)